all for one
and one for all

in defence of Andalucia

WEB PAGE: a web as our flagship

We created a straightforward website under the title losandalucesson.com, where with the click of a mouse a positive search about andalucians is launched to google.

SMM: the meeting point

Setting out a strategy through every social network,with specialised teams for each one.

We spark debate among our fans and share other initiatives and news related with Andalucia, turning our timeline into a meeting point of andalucians proud of their homeland.

VIDEO: summon the troops

We made a short motion graphics viral video calling for andalucian pride to win their collaboration.

COMMUNICATION: beyond Andalucia

losandalucesson.com initiative leaps from the online world to the press, news programmes and radio shows nationally.


The initiative becomes a real success, changing within a month the online reputation of Andalucia and changing y cambiando the suggestions: “lazy, ignorant, phony, illiterated...” for “brilliant, hardworker, creative, intelligent...”.

The new jumps to ever media, appearing on the main News ofTelevisión Española, Canal Sur or la 2 Noticias.

Premios Agripina

Agripina Award: Best Marketing Online Action.

Premios Agripina

CMKM Award: Best Marketing Online Action.

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