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Hello Crypto: Web3

Hello Crypto


Puraenvidia becomes the first marketing and communication agency in Malaga to integrate cryptocurrencies into its business model, accepting them as a form of payment.


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Limitation of the number of ads in Facebook Ads: Marketing and Publicity

Limitation of the number of ads in Facebook Ads

#Marketing and Publicity

Facebook announced, a few months ago, the implementation of a limitation on the number of ads in Facebook Ads.

The objective of this measure was to improve performance and better distribute the budget.


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What is Spotify ads and why include it in your marketing strategy: Marketing and Publicity

What is Spotify ads and why include it in your marketing strategy

#Marketing and Publicity

With the arrival of social networks, and the evolution of technology, there have been many media that have had to redefine their activity in order to adapt to the current context.

One of the latest applications to unleash creativity to the fullest has been Spotify.


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Shoppable TV: shopping from your TV: Marketing and Publicity

Shoppable TV: shopping from your TV

#Marketing and Publicity

In the world of advertising, there are more and more formulas that exist to directly impact consumer behavior.

To do this, advertising uses flexible experiences that are capable of conquering the new context in which we find ourselves, such as Shoppable TV.


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Virtual events and video training: Technology

Virtual events and video training


The crisis caused by COVID 19 has modified a large number of routines that we had integrated into our day to day.

There have been many sectors that have been forced to redefine their activity in order to continue carrying out their activity. In the same way, we work to ensure the maximum possible user experience. Hence the importance of virtual events and video training.


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OTT television: what it is and how it works: Technology

OTT television: what it is and how it works


Television has been one of the media that has evolved the most in recent years. The advancement of technology and the change of pattern by consumers, who are increasingly demanding, have forced us to redefine the concept of television as we have it today. One of these evolutions arises from the fragmentation of OTT television.

A new way of interacting with our television that will allow us to get the most out of the content that we can enjoy.


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The growth of esports for 2021: Technology

The growth of esports for 2021


The specialized media Newzoo identifies for this 2021 one of the years of greatest growth in this industry, raising its notoriety in our day to day to a higher level.

Especially if we take into account the large number of viewers that PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire are able to gather around them.


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What are the five

What are the five "A's" of marketing?

#Marketing and Publicity

The usefulness of marketing must go far beyond relying on salesmanship.

The priority of its professionals, and of the discipline as a whole, is to help users resolve their concerns. And, for this, the 5 A's of marketing are fundamental.


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What is storydoing and why use it?: Communication and PR

What is storydoing and why use it?

#Communication and PR

The evolution of communication and technology has directly affected the priority of the public. As well as in the way in which he wants to interact with brands. Today we are talking about “Storydoing”, but… what is storydoing and why use it? We tell you.


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Wartime marketing: Technology

Wartime marketing


The outbreak of COVID - 19 worldwide has been a scourge of incalculable dimensions for a large number of industries. Sectors of different natures that have been forced to give up offering their services as a result of the measures taken by governments with the aim of preventing the spread of the virus as much as possible.

However, and despite the negative side of this situation, all these sectors have a common denominator: the possibility of making their businesses grow by taking advantage of technological development and the rise of the Internet.


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