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Cookiebot: web privacy made easy: Marketing and Publicity

Cookiebot: web privacy made easy

#Marketing and Publicity

Do you need a simple and effective way to manage cookies on your website?

Cookiebot CMP adapts to organisations of any size, ensuring you comply with global data privacy regulations.


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Puraenvidia leads at Conversion Week: This is us

Puraenvidia leads at Conversion Week

#This is us

For one week, Puraenvidia organised an unprecedented event that left an indelible mark on the world of digital marketing and conversion.


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International award for Puraenvidia: This is us

International award for Puraenvidia

#This is us

The agency has been awarded at the 13th edition of the Agripina Awards, the Festival of Communication.

The "Anywhere, Everywhere" campaign won the award.


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GA4. How does it affect you?: Marketing and Publicity

GA4. How does it affect you?

#Marketing and Publicity

Google is retiring Universal Analytics to make way for its upgraded version: Google Analytics 4.

This update is primarily intended to provide more privacy-friendly analytics for users, but it also brings with it some challenges for those operating in the ecommerce world.


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Evolution of SEO in the age of AI: Marketing and Publicity

Evolution of SEO in the age of AI

#Marketing and Publicity

In digital marketing, SEO has undergone a significant transformation in the age of AI.

As AI-powered algorithms become smarter and more sophisticated, it's crucial that SEO strategies evolve to stand out and get real results.


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Differences between Web3 and Web2: Web3

Differences between Web3 and Web2


One of the most exciting trends is the emergence of Web3, a significant evolution of Web2.

But what exactly does this transition mean and why should you pay attention to it?


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Puraenvidia honoured at the Saniss Awards: This is us

Puraenvidia honoured at the Saniss Awards

#This is us

The Saniss Awards International Festival brings together the main agencies and brands specialized in advertising in the Health & Wellness sector from the five continents.

Puraenvidia was awarded once again for her piece "Harriet" with the Bronze Award for Best Film Craft in the Wellness category.


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Lead Generation: Marketing and Publicity

Lead Generation

#Marketing and Publicity

For any business, lead generation is vital to survive in the digital world. But not of any kind, we are referring to quality leads, convertible into real sales.

We explain how to turn your business into a gateway for potential customers.


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What is an NFT?: Web3

What is an NFT?


You've probably heard the term "NFT" thrown around lately.

But what exactly is an NFT and how can I apply it to my business? Let's explain it in a very simple way.


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Puraenvidia, winner at Smile Festival: This is us

Puraenvidia, winner at Smile Festival

#This is us

Humor and creativity were enhanced at the XIII edition of the Smile Festival to recognize the best professionals in the sector.

The agency emerged as the winner thanks to its campaign 'The success of summer is prepared in winter'.


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