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Shoppable TV: shopping from your TV

11 May 2021

In the world of advertising, there are more and more formulas that exist to directly impact consumer behavior.

To do this, advertising uses flexible experiences that are capable of conquering the new context in which we find ourselves, such as Shoppable TV.

Shoppable TV: shopping from your TV

Since the irruption of integrated shopping platforms on social networks, many users have been able to buy any type of product without even having to go to the website in question. This same format has eventually been used by the television industry. Shoppable TV is the latest revolution in digital marketing.


Content and a la carte purchases

The traditional television model has been forced to adapt to new technologies. In a context increasingly marked by digital television and its integration with digital platforms, carrying out this adaptation process was essential to ensure its position in the market.

Thanks to the irruption of streaming platforms , content consumption habits have changed radically. Currently, the user is not in a position to wait for the programming of the different service providers, but it is he himself who decides what he has to see according to his needs.

This situation has had a full impact on the concept of advertising and the relevance it had when it came to ensuring the economic stability of production companies. The user, once he faces the monthly payment of the different platforms, is not willing to have to display ads in each of his reproductions. This makes it a particularly demanding agent.

The logical step for television has been to include the possibility of purchase in the episodes of our favorite series. Without having to pause it or having to go to any other web destination. Do you want to know some examples that are already being produced?

compras-a-la-carta-en-la-television by Nick Romanov

Some examples

Despite the fact that it seems that we are facing a model that will arrive in the future, the reality is that we can already know a large number of platforms that present this possibility. Some of them are the following:

Amazon: Making The Cut: Making The Cut is a television show that is hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. In it, a series of designers compete with each other to create the best clothing items. The designs that end up winning can be purchased once the program ends from the platform itself. Their success has been such that it is not uncommon for them to sell out immediately once the chapter is over.

LG and The Take: LG has decided to integrate its purchase platform into its software on all its televisions. Starting with The Take, all customers can carry out the purchase of the products that use their favorite characters, as long as they are available. A process as organic as it is intuitive that promises great development in the future.

So now you know, little by little you will begin to see this technology in your favorite series and programs. If you have found it interesting, keep reading our blog.






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