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Wartime marketing

26 March 2020

The outbreak of COVID - 19 worldwide has been a scourge of incalculable dimensions for a large number of industries. Sectors of different natures that have been forced to give up offering their services as a result of the measures taken by governments with the aim of preventing the spread of the virus as much as possible.

However, and despite the negative side of this situation, all these sectors have a common denominator: the possibility of making their businesses grow by taking advantage of technological development and the rise of the Internet.

Wartime marketing

The need to redefine our strategy

Immersed in the age of digitization, we are facing one of the most competitive contexts in modern history in the professional sector. Currently, and thanks to the flexibilization of the different work environments, it is possible to develop and offer a large number of services from anywhere in the world, without the need to be in a physical space in one use. specific time.

This offshoring has become a great opportunity for most companies. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the need to redefine our strategy with the aim of cushioning the fall suffered as much as possible. In this way, we will be able to take advantage of the situation to maximize our resources and gain market position.

Given the current scenario, it is important that you know that your client is more online than he has ever been. For this reason, digital marketing has positioned itself as an essential resource for any company that wishes to continue its growth in the coming months, through the developing strategies that allow you to connect with your client and break down the geographical barriers between the two.

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The importance of reinforcing communication

Communication with your customers has to be one of the pillars on which you must base your next marketing strategy. Due to the context in which we find ourselves, it is important to understand the sensitivity that should be imprinted in each of our interactions with our customers.

According to data from the technology consulting firm Akamai, Internet consumption increased by up to 81% last week. A figure that reveals the great business opportunities that our company will have if we commit to digital marketing as a pillar on which to base our growth.

One of the main challenges that marketing has had to face since its inception has been related to the complexity of creating a series of affective bonds with a specific audience. However, thanks to the resources that emerge from digital marketing, meeting that need is easier than ever.

Through mailing campaigns or through the use of the different profiles that we have on our social networks, it is much easier to be able to interact with our target audience. Given the sensitivity of the moment in which we find ourselves, internalizing the idea that communication must be bidirectional will make it easier for us to create these links. A relationship that, once consolidated, will offer an added value to the customer that will immediately make us their preference when buying a good or contracting a service.

However, and given the relevance of this aspect of communication, hiring a specialized agency in the management of social networks and in the planning of communication strategies will be one of the best investments we can opt for in order to make the most of the opportunities arising from the current crisis.

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What about customer service?

When it comes to maximizing our presence on the web, it is vital that we have the necessary infrastructure to be able to elevate to a higher level the user experience of our clients in our Web page. However, guaranteeing this experience goes far beyond all the efforts that are usually made at the design level, but which ignore the importance of providing good customer service to our public.

There are many unforeseen events that we are going to have to face at a time like the present, especially if we opt for the option of selling our products through the internet. As a consequence of the existing problems when it comes to guaranteeing the time of parcel shipments, for example, enabling a series of channels that allow our customers to interact with us in the event of any problem or doubt, receiving a an agile and effective response, it is one of the best investments for which we can opt. In addition, it is closely related to the creation of affective bonds that we mentioned earlier.

Through the use of this type of options, we will be extolling the company’s values ​​when it comes to impacting our clients.

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The importance of adaptation to the environment

Given the magnitude of the crisis we are facing, it is especially important that we be able, as a company, to show our adaptation to the environment in which we find ourselves immersed. Being proactive when opting for the choice of services with which we can obtain a greater amount of benefits will be one of the keys when it comes to being able to secure our future.

One of the business lines that has suffered greater demand in recent weeks as a result of the current situation is online commerce. Through the implementation of a good promotion and advertising strategy of our services such as ecommerce, we can have the opportunity to maximize each of our resources and obtain surprising results.

For this, investment in digital marketing is essential. Far from paralyzing our expenses until the context looks better, investing in digital strategy and creating new action plans around it will become the pillar that all companies that want to survive this crisis context will have to adopt. Only the quickest to adapt to this new paradigm will be able to maximize their chances of success.





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