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What is an NFT?

3 April 2023

You've probably heard the term "NFT" thrown around lately.

But what exactly is an NFT and how can I apply it to my business? Let's explain it in a very simple way.

What is an NFT?

When you buy something with money, it means that you have contracted a fungible good. Consumable goods are interchangeable. Now, what about non-expendable property? NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”, non-fungible goods are those so unique that they cannot be exchanged. This is a unique piece of digital content that exists on the blockchain and is impossible to replicate. Like a work of art, for example. No two are the same.

How to apply it to your business

Imagine creating a unique marketing campaign that includes an exclusive NFT for your customers, the impact it could have on your brand, and your customers’ perception of your business. You can offer them as a prize in a competition or raffle, or even sell it as a unique piece of merchandise.

If a business has some digital asset that is valuable, such as a popular social media brand or app, it could take advantage of NFTs to certify ownership of that asset and sell it on the market. Entrepreneurs could thus monetize their digital assets and, incidentally, innovate in their marketing strategy.

One of the most obvious uses is in the creative industry. But its potential applications go beyond the world of art. From selling tickets to exclusive events to owning virtual goods, the use of non-fungible tokens offers a range of possibilities for businesses.

NFTs are not a code, but a unique digital token or asset that can be owned and certified on the blockchain. This makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity of the assets and therefore customers will be willing to pay for something unique. Each NFT describes its own identity and becomes immutable on the blockchain after being issued.

And yes, they can be carried on the mobile. There are several digital wallets that allow users to store, send, and receive NFTs on their mobile devices. Those who venture into this new world of crypto could find new opportunities and a competitive advantage in the dynamic and ever-changing world of business.

Create a unique marketing strategy

Puraenvidia has the potential to guide and support its clients in creating NFTs using unique visual elements. At the same time, the agency has the opportunity to help its clients implement non-fungible tokens in their marketing campaigns by offering incentives or rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens to build customer loyalty and reinforce loyalty.

The possibilities offered by the use of NFTs are endless and allow Puraenvidia to help its clients to monetize and obtain greater value from their unique digital assets, in addition to innovating in their digital marketing strategy to offer novel and attractive experiences to their consumers, thus improving the visibility of the brand, in an increasingly competitive and relevant industry.





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